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Aquatika Karlovac 360

The Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium is located on the right bank of the Korana River. The building is dug in and filled with mounds of earth on the outside. The inspiration for the design is the historical core of the city: the star of Karlovy Vary, surrounded by “ramparts”, defensive embankments of earth.

The exhibition of the aquarium shows the flora and fauna of the Croatian rivers and their ecosystems, the geological past and the traditional culture and history of the Karlovy Vary basin. The installation shows the course of the Karst river – the river flora, fauna and their biodiversity.

At the end point of the exhibition, there are stairs and an elevator that take visitors back to the entrance area via the gift store. In the center of the complex there is a room for the analysis of the technological parameters of the water with a scientific research center and a room for the acclimatization of the fish.

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