What is CM5?

We are introducing our solution for making your life easier.

CM5 is a Web CMS (Content Management System) – a system for managing content on the Web. It allows users to quickly and efficiently set up new content on web pages and modify existing content. Any user with basic computer skills can use CM5 to fully master the process of changing content on web pages without using additional tools (HTML editor, FTP client…) and knowledge of programming languages (ASP, PHP).


Working with CM5 is very easy and simple and is done through the web interface. It is enough to go to the CM5 web address, log in with your username and password and start working.


The simplicity of the interface allows all user profiles to master the work in this web application very quickly, and the similarity with other well-known office software tools also contributes to this. Each registered user of the CM5 system also receives free training on how to use this application, and support from L33T’s experts is always available so that any problem can be solved immediately.

CM5 Features

The greatest strength of our CMS is its modularity and adaptability to any type of user. It provides users with a centralized place to manage web content, regardless of the number of pages they manage.

Simple and easy navigation when working in CM5 through the web interface.

Support for Linux platform (MySQL, MariaDB database).

Installation on the user’s server.

Possibility of simultaneous use by a large number of users.

Speed, reliability and simplicity.

Web integration

Although CM5 is designed as a single unit for managing content on the web, it can be easily connected to external programming units, forming a very powerful programming application for the website. If the client wishes, CM5 can be connected to existing or new databases, creating an environment for interactive work with data.


The search program module can search for terms that appear on any page created in the CM5 system and return search results in the form desired by the user.

Web map
  • A hierarchical view of the web page structure is automatically created from the web page structure in the CM5 system.

  • Any change made to the structure of pages in the CM5 system is currently visible in the web map.

  • Multilingual support, allowing full localization of all or part of the content.
    The possibility of selective display of content by user types and regions.
Automatic post archive
  • The ability to set the activity time of a page, i.e. the time from which it should no longer be visible on the web.
  • Automatic archive with posts, where you can, but do not have to, specify the time from which each message is no longer available on the web pages and is moved to the archive.
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What is CM5?
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