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Audi 360

The project was presented on the eve of Autosalon 2017 at the Zagreb Fair. The aim of the project is to present the entire range of vehicles of the Audi brand with the help of virtual reality. The project was very demanding and the filming of almost all the vehicles was carried out two weeks before the start of the fair at the central warehouse of Lagermax in Zabok. All the interiors of the vehicles were filmed and post-processed, and preparations were made for the photomontage of the exterior, so that we simulated the location of the car show. The completion of the project was done at night, in the time between the completion of the installation at the car show location and the morning press ice cream. Thus, we were able to successfully complete the project by the time the press started and its official presentation. Audi’s virtual showroom was visited by more than 250,000 people via our virtual tour. The virtual tour was also enhanced with multimedia elements and a vehicle configurator for selected vehicle models.

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    Porsche Inter Auto Croatia

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