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September 1, 2022

Ljubljana 360

The City of Ljubljana Tourist Office and the City of Ljubljana bring virtual visitors closer to the sights of their places. Before choosing a destination, tourists research the places they want to visit, and a virtual walk is an ideal tool that can help them. The virtual walk also has an educational component, and visitors can learn interesting facts about the recorded places in Slovenian and English at info points. Numerous tourist photos were taken as part of the project, and you can experience the filmed places in a promotional video. The digital agency L33T realised all this in cooperation with the tourist community and the city of Ljubljana.

The project shows numerous sights of Ljubljana and tourist attractions, about which you can get more information at the built-in info points in the virtual walk. For such a successful project, more than 20 virtual panoramas were taken, and the production included more than 1,000 photos from the air and ground, as well as over 45 minutes of footage for the production of a promotional video.

The virtual walk is created in HTML5 technology, supported on all platforms and devices directly through the Internet browser. The interface displays panoramas at a resolution of more than 200 MP, offering the possibility to view even the smallest details in any captured location. Multi-resolution scaling ensures smooth and fast loading of the content. The virtual walk is fully supported by VR, taking the user experience to an even higher level through all types of VR glasses.


The implementation of the project is designed in several phases, taking into account the planned sites and numerous others that will be given special emphasis in the future.

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