Product support

Ongoing support from those who know your digital product best - backed by the experience of running media and web stores.

Managing a website requires many operational tasks day by day, and this is exactly what we have gained a lot of experience with over the last few years. Our team not only provides production support for our clients, we also run our own media and e-commerce sites. We’re happy to pass on the experience we have gained in running these sites to our partners. Passing on the know-how is a matter of course for us and is part of our offer.

Product support and further developments

We don’t leave behind the projects that have already gone live. On the contrary, we offer system support with comprehensive availability and further development options to both small companies and corporate groups. We deliver all our projects compliant with standards and with a six-month warranty, which can be optionally customised with additional services. Although these aren’t free, they can prove to be very useful, sometimes even indispensable, and even mandatory in the case of corporate projects. For Magento and WordPress, we make our support packages specific and unique, and we always provide a full explanation with our offers.

As part of our software support, we offer our customers the following services, among others:

    • High availability during and after launch to meet new development requirements and their implementation within the handover timeframe (with guaranteed commitment broken down to working days).
    • Booking of working hours on a monthly basis to assist in development, graphics and consulting for websites that require constant and intensive additional support to meet product development cycles.
    • Constant follow-up of website and webshop source codes to version level and maintenance of test environments after go-live, with a ticketing system for bug reports.
    • Support beyond legal restrictions and regulations to correct errors and prevent or manage errors that may occur due to editing errors.
    • Provide training to administrative end users and general users, business development and management consulting.

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