What exactly is a virtual walk and how to use it?

A virtual walk is a simulation of a real location created with the help of video sequences or static images. Other elements can be added to virtual walks, such as a floor plan or a so-called doll’s house display. There are different types of virtual walks. These are 3D virtual walks, video walks, 360° or panoramic walks and 3D floor plans.

Unlike static photos, linearly recorded videos and 2D floor plans, viewers of virtual walks have control over the display. They themselves choose in which order, from which angles and perspectives they will look at the property.

The virtual walk provides a much more realistic representation of the space through which viewers can get a sense of ownership and more easily imagine themselves in their new home.
In addition to the promotion of real estate, the technology of virtual walks has found its application in many other areas, from education and science to marketing and entertainment.

Types of virtual walks

There are several different types of virtual walks. The fundamental difference is in the “depth” of the space display and the technology in which they are made. There are 3D virtual walks, 360° panoramic walks and 3D floor plans.

360° virtual walks consist of a series of panoramic photos arranged to form a unique image. These virtual tours allow you to view properties in a bigger, broader picture. In the 360° view, users can move through the image in all directions, but cannot change the perspective.

The difference between 3D and 360° is in the fidelity of their display. The 360° view allows you to move through the photo, but not through space. 3D rendering creates an impression of the depth of space and objects in it. The 360° virtual walk allows you to move through the photo, but does not give the impression of the fullness of the space and the layout of the element.
The 3D view is actually a virtual walk in the full sense of the word. The 3D view provides a realistic view of the space and the objects in it. In the 3D view, you can move through space, change perspective and view.

A 3D floor plan is a virtual floor plan model shown from a bird’s eye view. In contrast to the 2D floor plan, which gives a plan view of the layout of the property, the 3D floor plan gives fullness to the elements of the space. The 3D floor plan contains a complete view of the rooms, walls, furniture, windows, doors and other elements found in the property. This type of floor plan is much more attractive than usual floor plans and provides a better perception of space.

Where can you publish virtual walks and on which platforms can they be integrated?

The 3D virtual walk can be integrated on your website or in the form of an independent link it can be sent to the desired client if it is not on your website. The walk can be private or public.

The advantages of having a 3D virtual walk through a property, place...?

– growing number of visitors to the website and potential clients, considering that the property can be viewed by anyone with internet access, regardless of location
– regardless of the agency’s working hours, it is possible to access your offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
– considering that 3D walks are still a new concept on the Croatian market, they can easily differentiate you from the competition at the moment.
– the digital inspection of the apartment is an experience that is very memorable, and will attract foreign and domestic clientele to your door, and you will remain in their memory of a positive new experience
– considering the technology and novelty on the market, the interest of the media could reflect positively on your brand
– foreign clients are already familiar with the possibilities and ease of using 3D walks and see a great advantage in communication and transparency”